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Mike believes that high taxes are a burden on individuals and businesses. Individuals should have the ability to make their own financial decisions without the government taking a large portion of their paychecks. Keeping taxes low on business is important because businesses employ millions of people in Maryland and contribute heavily to the economy. Mike will work to support legislation that is fiscally responsible and challenge legislation that wastes hard-earned taxpayer money.



Mike is a supporter of the Second Amendment, and in Judiciary Committee, fights against bills that seek to limit law-abiding citizens from exercising their constitutional right. He also supports the legislation introduced this year by his Republican colleagues that increases penalties for illegal handgun theft, which accounts for the vast majority of actual gun violence.


Mike is a steadfast supporter of law enforcement, having himself been a law enforcement officer in the Marine Corps. Mike believes that law enforcement must be equipped to be able to do their jobs. Sitting on the Judiciary Committee, Mike is a loyal advocate for legislation that reduces crime, while seeking positive solutions that keep our communities safe.


Mike believes that education is one of the most important issues in our state. It is critical that Maryland students receive a quality education so that they are equipped to succeed in their adult lives. The public and private school systems, as well as homeschooling, are incredibly important components of preparing our children today so that they can be leaders of tomorrow. Mike also believes that school choice is crucial. Every family in Maryland should have the opportunity to decide where their child goes to school. During this year’s debate over the Kirwan Commission Recommendations, Mike is eager to find a bipartisan solution that serves our schools and teachers and creates the best outcomes without raising taxes on Maryland residents.


Mike believes families are the foundation of society. He believes in reforms for the foster child and adoption systems, so that more children can be placed in homes where they are wanted. As the father of a special needs child, he advocates continually for the special needs community. He is pro-life and actively supports legislation that protects the lives of the unborn. He will work against any legislation that seeks to promote an anti-life agenda.


Maryland is incredibly fortunate to have the Chesapeake Bay, a real environmental treasure. Mike is committed to preserving this important part of Maryland’s heritage and working with everyone who uses the Bay in its various capacities. Mike is also interested in common sense environmental legislation that promotes clean energy use, while balancing the important interests of business and industry.

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