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Special Session 2021: Fair Congressional Lines/Equal Representation and Veto Overrides

It has been officially announced that the Maryland General Assembly will have a Special Session from 6-10 December. In this special session we will be taking up both redrawing of our congressional lines as well as trying to prevent the override of the bills that Governor Hogan vetoed after this year’s regular session. This Special Session will have a major lasting impact on Marylanders and as such, I would like to share what it is and how it will impact you.

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Delegate Griffith Stands up for Victims Including Murdered Officer Amy Capiro

“We also need to look out for the victims here, and to force Officer Amy Caprio’s family to relive the experience under this bill 12 times in nine years, I think, is way out of touch,” said Delegate Mike Griffith, R-District 35B, whose district encompasses portions of Harford and Cecil counties.

Delegate Griffith Debates Democrats Interfering in Republican Party Business

I serve on the central committee. And when I ran and was elected by my constituents, I was currently eligible to be on the central committee and I was duly elected to serve a four-year term,” Griffith said. “So this would require me, who was duly elected by my constituents, to be forced to resign before the end of my term?”

Mike Griffith Supporting the Community

Delegate Kathy Szeliga, Delegate Mike Griffith, and Senator Bob Cassilly contribute to Food Bank in Baltimore City. MDGOP chips in as part of #MDGOPCares.

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Veto Overrides

Veto Overrides

This past year, Governor Hogan vetoed 23 bills after the session that we will be taking up during the Special Session. Here are some of the vetoed bills the General Assembly will be trying to override: SB202 Correctional Services - Parole - Life Imprisonment This...

Congressional Lines/Equal Representation

Congressional Lines/Equal Representation

Right now, our Federal Delegation to Washington is 9 Democrats to 1 Republican; yet approximately 1/3 of all Marylanders are Republicans. During the Special Session, we will be debating and passing out new congressional lines. There are rumors that the Democrats are...

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